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How Do I Port to Vodacom?

Vodacom is one of the leading mobile network providers in South Africa. This prestigious company is providing all means of communication, like messaging, voices, data, and converged services, to over 130 million subscribers. There is no doubt that, when it comes to technology, South Africa has made great progress and has the most advanced telecommunications networks like Vodacom and MTN. As a result, it is common for users to port from one network to another while keeping their previous phone numbers so that their contacts remain the same.

Port your number to Vodacom

Vodacom is the best network provider company, and it offers great bundles for its users. A lot of people port their networks to Vodacom, so Vodacom has made it simple for users to migrate. Vodacom offers two kinds of services: contract and prepaid. To port your current network to Vodacom, you have to choose between contract and prepaid. If you want to port your current service to Vodacom without changing your number, then you have to make a call at 082 17844 (a free Vodacom number). You will have a chance to talk to an agent who will help you switch your number to Vodacom.

If you want to change your number with Vodacom Prepaid, you must first purchase a RICA-registered SIM card and then send an SMS to 082 7678287 with the statement (“Port,” “new number”).

Dial 100

You will receive two SMS messages once all the above procedures have been completed. One is for the confirmation of your porting request, and the second will be your port date. Simply dial 100 at your port, and your device will be activated on the Vodacom network.

How long does it take to port to Vodacom?

This process usually depends on the network you want to switch to. Actually, it takes a short while to activate your network, and network agents work on the switching requests from Monday to Friday. If a network porting request is made on the weekends or on a public holiday, then the request will be considered on the next working day.

How do I port my number from MTN to Vodacom?

MTN and Vodacom are the mobile networks that are most popular among South Africans. Both networks are doing their best on their own, but most people find MTN expensive and want to port their MTN network to Vodacom. Porting from MTN to Vodacom is super easy; you just need to follow these steps:

  • First of all, pay all of your MTN debits and credits. Because MTN does not allow its users to leave without paying their debts.
  • You will need a prepaid Vodacom SIM card.
  • Send an SMS from your MTN number (“PORTME” and the new Vodacom number) to 082 767 8287.
  • You will receive two messages: one for confirmation of your request and the other with the port date.

Follow the same procedure if you are porting from the Cell C and Telkom networks to the Vodacom network.

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