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How To Claim Insurance From a Third Party

Third-party auto insurance is actually car insurance that a person can claim as a victim of a vehicle accident. It is the minimum insurance amount that a person can receive. The third party involved in a person’s case also includes his/her insurer, who wants to compensate for their damages, whether they involve vehicle accidents or property damage. This type of insurance is basically organized to compensate for the damages.

For example, if the person is harshly driving the vehicle and becomes a cause of some other person’s property or car damage. Then, this third party will in return pay for the damage caused to the other person.

How to Claim Insurance from a Third Party?

The following steps, you should follow in order to claim insurance are:

  • First, be sure that you are not at fault regarding the accident.
  • Do not directly involve the responsible party’s insurer. You need to claim from the responsible party first. They will then involve their insurer in relation to the damages caused to the third party.

Claiming insurance from a third party involves the following procedure.

  1. The claimant has to prove that the damages were totally the result of the accident.
  2. The claimant must prove that he was not going against traffic rules, like attending a phone, or driving at high speed.
  3. He/ She has to prove that through compensation, the vehicle or property will return to its original position as it was before the accident.
  4. The victim needs to provide all the documents related to the accident, such as a file or any witness of the accident.
  5. He/She can also complain to the nearby police station. He has to provide all the proof to the police.

By going through this legal procedure. The claimant will be able to receive the compensation.

What are the things involved that a person can claim:

All the medical expenses that involve check-ups, medicines, surgery, hospital stays, or any kind of medical report. If the person is unable to do work due to the accident, the responsible party must pay for this. Additionally, if the person was injured in an accident or died, and he was the sole breadwinner of his family, then compensation must be provided to the victim’s family.

What is RAF and how is it useful:

The RAF stands for Road Accident Funds. If the person was in a bus or any other public vehicle, he became the victim of the accident. Then, he can claim compensation by reporting to the RAF in case of any damage.

What is required for third-party insurance:

  • Victim’s identity documents, such as an ID card.
  • Accident pictures or any proof about the accidents.
  • Claimant vehicle number.
  • All the details of the damage.
  • If you have a driver, then the driver’s identification documents.
  • Hospital bills if there are any.
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