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How Much Do Metro Police Earn?

Based on December 2022 data, the average monthly salary of a Metro Police Officer is around $4427, which is offered by the United States. The salary package ranges from $8,875 to $1,548 per month. Most states offer a Metro Police salary that ranges between $2791 to $5041 for a month.

The Salary package for Metro Police depends upon the following factors, such as:

  • Location, in which state or area you are doing a Job.
  • How skilled you are.
  • How much experience do you have?

The Metro police salary varies according to the location, skill level and experience. The pay may increase or decrease based on these qualities.

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Highest-Paid Jobs related to Metro Police:

There are other jobs that are related to the Metro Police jobs. The jobs are highly paid as compared to those at Metro Police. These jobs include; ● Assistant Chief of Police.

  • Police authority.
  • Chief of Police. ● Police Captain. ●        UC Police.

The average monthly salary of Assistant Chief of Police is $7,673 per month. Similarly, the Police Authority is paid $7,106 per month. The monthly salary of the Chief of Police is 6,642 dollars. The Police Captain earns $6,423 for a month. The UC Police salary package starts at $6,238.

The following table shows the data on the monthly, annual, weekly and hourly wage of these jobs related to Metro Police.

Job Rank Annual Payment Monthly Payment Weekly Payment Hourly Payment
Assistant Chief of Police $92,082 $7,673 $1,770 $44.27
Police Authority $85,272 $7,106 $1,639 $41.00
Chief of Police $79,494 $6,642 $1,528 $38.22
Police Captain $77,087 $6,423 $1,482 $37.06
UC Police $74,865 $6,238 $1,439 $35.99

Top-Paid Cities for Metro Police Jobs:

As the pay package depends on the States, there are ten States that offer a salary package that is above the national range. These States include Atkinson, NE, San Jose, CA and Jackson, WY which are in the second or third position.

The States such as Jackson and WY offer a salary higher than the average nationwide by $10,413. In percentage, it is about 19.6%.

Other States like Atkinson and NE offer a salary higher than the average national by $14,474 (27.2%).

The following table indicates the payments of these ten states.

City Name Annual Salary Monthly Salary Weekly Salary Hourly Payment
Atkinson, NE $67,600 $5,633 $1,300 $32.50
San Jose, SA $63,783 $5,315 $1,226 $30.66
Jackson, WY $63,539 $5,294 $1,221 $30.55
Frankston, TX $63,442 $5,286 $1,220 $30.50
Diamond Ridge,


$62,739 $5,228 $1,206 $30.16
Inverness, CA $61,854 $5,154 $1,189 $29.74
Seattle, WA $61,745 $5,145 $1,187 $29.69
Barnstable Town, MA $61,341 $5,111 $1,179 $29.49
Concord, CA $60,815 $5,067 $1,169 $29,24
Norwalk, CT $60,742 $5,061 $1,168 $29,20

There are many companies that are offering Metro Police jobs.

Another factor that is noted is the low cost living which depend on the location.

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